Our Top 10 Swear Words

It shouldn't come as a surprise when we say we love a good bloody swear word, our Rude Birthday Cards are absolutely full of them. It's a beautiful way of expression and it really pisses off our elderly relatives, but quite frankly, fuck 'em. We love nothing more than throwing around a bellend or sliding in a beef curtain every now and then. Here is a list of our Top 10 British Swear Words.

10. Tits
Yes, it's a bird, but it's really a better way of calling someone a boob. "You boob" doesn't really have the same ring to it as "You tit"

9. Shit
A word we're probably quite used to using in everyday life, especially at the moment "The world has gone to shit", "The weather is just shit". It's good, but it's pretty low on our list as there are so many more inventive ways of expressing yourself.

8. Bitch
You're bound to have called your Sister, Mum or even Grandma this once or twice before. It's a strong solid word, with a short sharp effect. Quite the classic.

7. Bellend
If you haven't called someone a bellend in the past 7 days, then have a word with yourself. We guarantee there is always an occasion to sprinkle the bellend around ;).

6. Clunge
Such a beautiful word, it's so expressive. Give it a go, call your Mum, she will love to hear from you, call her a clunge, then you won't have to call again for a while.

5. Bastard
We all know the origins of the word bastard, but how many people do you know who are actual bastards? Not that it matters, crowning someone a bastard is pretty irrelevant to the meaning right?

4. Twat
A word that is the family friendlier, more gentle cousin, for when you don't want to fully drop the C bomb. 

3. Minge
Minge has the same feel as clunge, quite literally.

2. Fuck
A single word with so many meanings, a very utilitarian swear word. fuck me, fuck you, fuck them, fuck off, fucking shit, fuck everything.

1. Cunt
Our fave, but apparently, a no go in certain circles and social situations. It's both the King and the Queen of all swearwords. Give it a go, call your Employer, Grandad, Taxi Driver a Cunt, see how many doors it opens for you.

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